Importance & benefits using BIM clash detection and MEP coordination services

BIM clash detection with 3D MEP coordination techniques have a major benefit of identifying clashes at the early stages of construction. It not only improves collaboration between various disciplines but also helps in reducing delays, reducing material waste as well as reducing costs required for construction rework.

Benefits of BIM clash detection and MEP coordination services

When clashes are easily identified during the designing phase, modifications are easy to make and can easily be communicated to all the stakeholders involved in the project.

The benefits of a 3D Clash free model include:

  • A clash free models ensures reduction in errors as all clashes are easily identified.
  • Accurate estimates at the early stages of construction lead to a safer construction site.
  • Coordinated models ensure reduction in not only overall cost but also material waste and reduce mitigated risk.
  • Better scheduling and sequencing is gained.
  • The construction process becomes quicker with an increase in productivity.

For a better multi-disciplinary coordination and collaboration, the models that are created by various disciplines can further be integrated into one master model in a common data environment also known as CDE.

A leading BIM service provider that I would recommend is TrueCADD. They provide clash detection services while developing immaculate clash free 3D models that are not only error less but also technically sound. A few of my friends in the UK have availed their services for creating 3D MEP models which have led to an effective, profitable and reputable construction process for them.

In fact, they were able to achieve approximately:

  • Reduction in rework by 36%
  • Reduction in cost by 30%
  • Reduction in duration by 22%

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